15 Breathtaking Views of the World That Will Make You Dizzy with Wonder


Travel lovers are well aware of all the main attractions offered by popular tourist destinations. Anyone can visit those places to see them with his or her own eyes. But there are other corners of Earth: spots that, for one reason or another, remain forbidden to ordinary sightseers.

The Kofuns, Japan

These artificial islands are the ancient burial sites of members of the Japanese Imperial family. On rare occasions, they can be visited by archaeologists, but only with the permission of the Imperial Court.

North Sentinel Island, India

The natives living on the island will stop at nothing to protect their land from outsiders. So, for the tourists’ own safety, the Indian authorities prohibit anyone from approaching the location.

Area 51, USA

The existence of this top secret facility was only officially confirmed by the US government in 2013. According to the partially declassified documents, Area 51 is a US Air Force base where next generation aircraft are being developed and tested.

Church of St. Mary of Zion, Ethiopia

A specially built chapel houses the church’s holiest treasure: the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark’s guardian — the only person who has access to the relic — is forbidden to ever leave the church’s premises. Neither can he converse with outsiders.

Kaho’olawe Island, USA